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Chips 'n Dips: Changes, Updates, and Future Plans

You may have noticed a few changes! I've decided to combine BiohackingForHumans and AllowSomeDenyAll into just the one blog. At the time, it made sense to separate both blogs by their topics, but with the amount of overlap and wanting to make it easier for readers to find new content, it only makes sense to move it all back under one domain. From here forward, everything will be posted under <-> Congrats; You made it! Everything has been cleaned up and made neat, including our new header! If this gets some traction, there may even be a sticker run in the future! 

While I work through more substantial projects, I will be posting a new series...

Chips 'n Dips

Chips 'n Dips will be the quick riffs and ramblings over all the interesting little bits that come across my radar - anything from features on new biohacks and notable discussions to inner monologues and updates on larger projects. Speaking of larger projects, here's what's in the pipeline!

Sentero by Cyborg Nest

Some of you probably remember the North Sense, the original human orientation device. The Sentero looks to be the refined successor. The main functionality behind the device is to orient the user to magnetic north through personalized haptic feedback strengthening terrestrial orientation and connectivity sans a screen. There is also mention of the ability to sense Nests, e.g., the home and office, other users' heartbeats, and sending/receiving haptic emojis. While there is some skepticism surrounding the complete functionality and augmentation abilities of the Sentero, I have decided to back it and report my adventure. This meaning that once I receive the device and for the year following, I will be documenting the extent to which my senses and experiences are modified. If they are modified. At the moment, my planned Sentero interactions will be with @DNSPrincess. If you haven't already check out their blog: I will be looking to answer some of the concerns regarding the effect of wearing and removing the device. For example, is there an interaction between wearing/removing a device and how much the said device becomes part of my "body"? It's long been known that implantees experience a sense of loss when an implant is removed, but will I feel the same after wearing the device for a week, month, or year? Practically speaking, though, will this device help me navigate the world or feel more connected to colleagues? I am notoriously bad at directions often citing a location in regards to it's nearest McDonalds, but with the Sentero, might I be able to find my way home like a dog would sensing magnetic the earth's magnetic fields? Could I possibly even be able to sense when a close friend is about to suffer a panic attack and offer my help? I'm excited to see what the possibilities are! 

Marginalized Communities and Assistive Technologies

Biohacking, as a community, myself included, needs to do more to acknowledge the technological and assistive advancements that marginalized groups have achieved. Many of those strides being far closer to the ideals of "cyborg" than my own implanted LEDs and magnets. For myself, this conversation was sparked while reading through Jililian Weise's (2018) Common Cyborg and Damien William's (2019) Heavenly Bodies: Why It Matters That Cyborgs Have Always Been About Disability, Mental Health, and Marginalization. Both of these articles being recommended to me by members. Thanks! 

The following tweet from Gizmodo is a prime example of why this conversation needs to be had, though. After reader outcry, the tweet was deleted, and the ableist overtones of the article acknowledged, however, the pattern still stands. Take a look at a reaction to Musk's claim that the Neuralink will be able to stream music to your brain. 

Academic Research

For the last few months, I've been digging through crammed three-ring binders full of biohacking, grinder, cyborg, and transhumanist readings. These readings will form my literature review and the subsequent research concerning the biohacking community. I hope to help resolve some of the discrepancies and misconceptions that surround biohacking. Did you know that in the state of Georgia, you can only be voluntarily implanted by a physician and is required to be regulated by the Georgia Composite Medical Board? Or that the majority of research, design, and in-vivo testing within the human augmentation field is carried out beyond the academic sphere? While I would love to say more, I'd just as much hate to reveal too many details! 
So close and yet so far! I've wanted sensing magnets since I first learned about them in 2016. The ability to "feel" something that had never before been was and still is as near to a superpower as one could get. In the next few months, all going as planned, I will be having a Cassox sensing magnet installed. As with the Sentero, I will be documenting everything...the install, healing, and development of any sensory perception. I am beyond excited.

Keep an eye out here for more content in the coming weeks!