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Implanted Sensory Magnets - Successes & Failures

With @dnsprincess having their sensing magnets removed let's discuss what MAY have led to failure and what MAY lead to future successes... Let's recap... In November 2016, Alissa (@dnsprincess) had a set of sensing magnets implanted in their fingertips. October 2021, five years later, one of the magnets was removed - partially. November (huh) 2022 and both magnets will potentially soon be removed. Womp womp. But why? Let's speculate! In the  original post , they recommended against attempting to 're-stimulate' an implanted magnet - using a stronger magnet to manipulate an implanted magnet. The theory was that this would break down the scar tissue that had formed. One of the questions at the time was whether the coating (silicone) had broken. The answer was yes. Center Left: Magnetic Core;  Center Right: Separate Silicone Coating While the intention of breaking down scar tissue via the manipulation of the magnet was sound the unintended