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Surviving the Trenches of Cyber Hiring: Tales of Triumph and Trial

Our  [Cybersecurity/Infosec/Hacking] industry presents a paradox as intriguing as it is exasperating. On one hand, it's vital and dynamic, promising the bleeding edge of technology and security. On the other, it's marred by widespread layoffs, entry-level roles adorned by 'CISSP Required', and a mix of burnout, substance abuse, and low salaries. Ample opportunity, yet ever increasingly competitive. Niche requirements alongside expectations of broad and far-reaching knowledge. Academic institutions, training providers, and educational personalities hawking their warez as get-rich-quick schemes.  The only ones getting rich are them, and it's off the back of your wallet. For the many aspiring to join the industry, this brings significant challenges and frustration. Having polled LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastodon , and Discord these were the sentiments and overarching themes I identified. Job Market & Industry Challenges Fiercely competitive, with frequent layoffs and l