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"BANNED" for violating the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act a.k.a the FDA

Let's recap.. . Recently, I published a few lists of Hacker/Infosec/Cybersec Discord servers. Hacker_Discords & Hacker_Hiring_Discords To compile these lists meant joining MANY Discord servers...really as many as I could. ~~ KNOW OF ONE? PLEASE ADD YOURS! ~~ Upon joining the REDACTED server I was promptly sent the following message. PEPE : Hi, I'm a mod from REDCATED server. I'm concerned that your profile description contains unapproved information regarding FDA Class 3 medical devices. Please remove the link or you will be banned.  Me :... You're initial question likely being "What the heck is in your profile description?!". The answer being...a link to my blog. The one that you are reading. Hi :)     To be truthful, I'd only just joined the server and hadn't read the rules so there's little telling what Rule 1 was, how that relates to FDA Class 3 medical devices, or why that was of particular concern on a code development discussion serve