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CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Expert: Security+ / PenTest+ / CySA+ / CASP+

Recently I achieved the CompTIA Security+, Pentest+, CySA+, and CASP. To share my journey and contribute to the broader discussion, I've compiled this guide. It includes tips and strategies, insights from my experience, and reflections on the CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Expert stack. Tips & Tricks Get CompTIA certified on the cheap; Never pay full price! Sign up for the newsletter or search for a GetCertified4Less website. It's important to note that the credibility of these sites can vary, so due diligence and thorough research is essential. Here are three resources I found particularly valuable: Workplace Reimbursement Academic Discounts Beta Exams Already employed? Your company might offer reimbursement for certification costs, but be aware that this could be contingent on you remaining with the company for a specified duration or passing the exam. If successful, they might cover all expenses related to training and certification, including boot-camps, textbooks, and e