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RFID Implants & Windows 10 Authentication

Still unlocking your computer with a password?
Bah! Let's use our RFID implant instead.

What you'll need...


What makes this setup so easy is that the RFID reader acts as a USB HID device. It scans the implant, pulls the UID, and enters it into the active window!
  1. Plugin the RFID reader
  2. Test functionality
    1. With Notepad open scan your implant
    2. Success! Entered into Notepad will be the UID of your implant

    3. Copy the previous string
  3. Windows Sign-in options

    1. Set the Windows Hello Pin login as the previously captured string
  4. Done!

Next Steps...

In the future, I would like to use my RFID implant as 2FA to log in to Windows. As it stands this is more of a password replacement than anything else. Currently, though, it doesn't seem like there's a built-in way to require more than one authentication method per login so this might require some third party solution to implement.