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F*cking (Sensory) Magnets, How Do They Work?

In terms of biohacking magnets, there are two categories - sensory and lifting. Lifting magnets, like the Dangerous Things xG3, allow, as the name implies, the ability to lift small ferromagnetic objects. Useful for picking up staples, holding screwdriver bits, and impressing people at the bar. With the xG3 being encased in biocompatible glass and syringe-loaded, the installation is comparably easier than sensing magnets. This makes it a strong option for anyone looking to try out implantable magnets but isn't yet dedicated to tracking down and installing a sensory magnet. 

Figure 1: Dangerous Things xG3 Lifting Magnet

With lifting magnets being easier to both purchase and install, why would anyone opt for a sensory magnet? Well, how do you describe gaining a new sense? It's like imagining what it's like to be synesthetic— or trying to imagine a new color. Anecdotally, I've heard it's similar to an itch, vibration, or tickle from the fingertip and magnet. From an anatomical and mechanical perspective, this makes sense as the implanted magnet vibrates in the presence of a magnetic field, stimulating the surrounding nerves and creating "feeling". 

Figure 2: Cassox' Pellucid Implantable Magnet Array

The above image is a Cassox' pellucid magnet array that I will be having installed...soon. This is one augmentation that I have wanted since first learning of biohacking in 2018. I'm unsure of what results I will have. Not that I am in any way untrusting of Cassox work, but that I don't know what to expect to "feel". What will it be like to be able to sense magnetic fields and currents? Check back here for updates as I get them installed, heal, and eventually report back with results!